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Access: Whatever your job has access to, and wherever you can hack into.
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Steal items listed in your objectives everything
Supervisors: None
Subordinates: None
Guides: No guides, only lame.

A thief is a minor antagonist that can spawn at round start. They are not affiliated with other traitor organizations and can spawn at the same time as major antagonists.

The thief's only goal is to steal items listed in their character's objectives page and escape in the escape shuttle unharmed and uncaptured. The thief has already been caught and have been injected a pacifist implant without their will, but even if they find a way to, it is NOT allowed to murder to complete their objectives.

The thief start with thief's gloves and a thief toolbox in their backpack.

The Thief toolbox is the best friend of a thief, it let its user choose kits to help them in their criminal activities :

- The chemistry kit : a storage implanter, a DNA scrambler and a set of chemicals

- The bearcatcher's kit : two C4 (do NOT use them to indirectly harm), a multitool, jaws of life, an advanced welder meson glasses and insulated gloves

- Chameleon's kit : all chameleon technologies

- Syndie kit : an agent ID card, syndie pAI and 10 TC

- Sleepwalker's kit : few bottles of nocturine, a hypopen and a tank of sleeping gas

- Communicator's kit : a master communication key letting you access to all channels, a radio jammer, a portable crew monitor, a voice chameleon mask and a lot of money to trade it with QM against everything you need to steal from them

- Smuggler's kit : a fulton beacon, ten fultons, an invisible crate and a very cool cloak

The thief can choose 2 kits between all of them listed here.