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Antagonists are typically split into three categories: "roundstart", "midround", and admin only antagonists.

Outside of admin intervention or the "Extended" game mode, each round will have one roundstart antagonist type and zero or more midround antagonists. roundstart antagonists are usually the main form of how a round can play out, ranging from a plain ass round with nothing interesting going on, to an investigation on why someone bombed Medical, or why the there are red people outside the Bridge.

Admin only antagonists do not naturally spawn.


Nuclear Operative


A nuclear operative is an antagonist employed by the Syndicate, presumably operatives from ERT or bored greytiders. Your objective is simple, break in and detonate the Nuclear Fission Device. Escape is optional, just get the nuke detonated.


Revolutionaries are antagonists that are sponsored by the Syndicate to take over the station by killing all of the Command staff.

Head Revolutionaries are chosen at the start of a round and are given a Flash and a pair of Sunglasses to aid them. Crewmembers can be brainwashed and converted to their cause with said flash, which is only reversible through the usage of Mindshield implants.

Characters with Mindshields or wearing protective eyewear are immune to conversion. Command and security staff are Mindshielded by default.


Your PDA beeps. Whiskey, Echo, Whiskey, Lima, Alpha, Delta.

A traitor is an antagonist employed by the Syndicate. They have access to the Uplink in their PDA.



Zombies are a conversion antagonist whose sole purpose is to infect and convert as much of the crew as possible. They boast strong resistances to various damage types and are able to regenerate themselves through feasting on unsuspecting crew members. Zombies propagate through biting their victims, transmitting a deadly infection that will cause them to turn into a zombie when they succumb.

Zombies may also be appear as midround antagonists via Nuclear Operatives.


Lone Operative

A single Nuclear Operative with a single nuclear objective. Better hope you are robust.

Rat King

He's da rat. He makes da roolz.

The Rat King is a random event neutral antagonist who is hungry and won't stop at anything to get food. They can summon Rat Servants with the Raise Army ability and summon a cloud of miasma with the Rat King's Domain ability.


A ghostly entity, given powers to haunt the crew and steal life essence from them while they are critical, dead, or sleeping.

Life essence is consumed by using powers or taking damage, with the Revenant dying if it ever drops to 0.

Space Ninja

I am an elite mercenary of the mighty Spider Clan! Surprise is my weapon. Shadows are my armor. Without them, I am nothing. Use your pinpointer to find the station. Good luck!

You are a ninja, but in space. The Spider Clan has sent you to the station to wreak all kinds of havoc, from bolting the armory open and killing the entire station to engaging in a slipping war with the clown and fighting in rage cages.

Space Dragon

A dangerous alpha predator expending it's domain in your station with Space rifts that bring the dragon's subordinates, the space carps, stop it as fast as possible before the carps dominate you.


You are an extremly powerfull cyborg hidden in a flesh couverture built by Cybersun of the future and you are sent to our time to exterminate a single person judged important in the conflict by Cybersun, exterminate that person at all costs, once this is done, autodestruct yourself, Nanotrasen CAN'T have your technology.

Closet skeleton

A remain of the last crew working here, the skeleton is a neutral character, you can be friendly toward the station or rattle all of 'em, the skeleton heal by splashing milk on himself and, when he die, he become a little skull with the ability to speak and scream.

Admin Only


Ahoy thar scallywag! Ye be onboard the pirate vessel, we must collect as much booty from thar lowly station!

A pirate's objective is to grab as much treasure as possible wherever they can find it, on a Nuclear Operative shuttle or SS14 itself. Pirates usually spawn alongside other antagonists (e.g: Nuke Ops) but are not on the same team.

Central Command Death Squad

Epsilon Level involves many player-controlled antagonist Centcom agents that form a DeathSquad. Each agent has a black hardsuit with red trimming and has a Pulse Carbine and Pulse Pistol. The DeathSquad arrives on a self-contained ship that can contain a small version of most departments including a bar, medbay and cloner. Crew are not supposed to survive this attack.

Space Station 14 is currently adding new Antagonists, and most Antagonist's you'd expect to be in SS13 are most likely not yet implemented yet. Help us at [[1]]