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The Syndicate is the informal name for any number of organizations with one common enemy: Nanotrasen. The Syndicate doesn't often employ full-scale war and destruction but instead prefers stealthy tactics that lead to the demise of its enemy. The Syndicate doesn't officially approve of blatant kill-sprees or excessive destruction by its operatives, as it typically means that less objectives are fulfilled and unnecessary interference with other operations. For example, if the station is destroyed before a desired item or person is extracted, the Syndicate may classify a mission as an overall failure, even if some objectives were successful. Otherwise, the Syndicate doesn't care how much damage is caused to the station or its crew as long as all operative objectives are carried out.

Players who start the round as an Antagonist will work for the Syndicate to perform secret objectives. The round Game Mode will dictate what type of operative antagonist players will be. Operatives may choose to collaborate with each other, harm each other or simply ignore each other. Syndicate agents will rarely be briefed on any other operatives on the station, and so will not be punished for mistakenly (or purposefully) harming other agents. Keep in mind that due to the fragmented and capricious nature of the Syndicate at large, operatives may occasionally find themselves antagonizing each other as well as Nanotrasen. Syndicate operatives can communicate with each other via the Radio. Syndicate operatives are required to follow Server Rules and play IC.

Syndicate operatives are often referred to as multiple terms (slang) .

The Syndicate organization can support its staff with specialized equipment via the Uplink. This equipment is contraband and if found may lead to staff being reported to a Security Officer. Some of this contraband is debatably useful to Nanotrasen staff such as the Cybersun Pen, which can be used as a reusable epipen by Medical. However, it would be against Syndicate goals for a Syndicate operative to aid Nanotrasen staff unless maintaining their cover (and thus survive which is a common objective).

If a crewmember is suspected of being a Syndicate operative, they may be searched, imprisoned or even killed if their crimes are serious enough.

The Syndicate employs the following operative types: