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A list of commonly used slang by spessmen (players) in the community.


Frequently used terms In Character, this can also be used OOC.


An event hosted or caused by an admin.


Short for Antagonists, which are specifically picked individuals designed to drive the round into chaos.


Arrest on sight.


Short for Atmospherics.


A term for Atmospheric Technicians, or generally anyone who spends most of their time or is particularly skilled with Atmospherics.


Refers to a user who has disconnected from the game. Disconnected users may still reconnect to the server and assume control of their character again.


The main area of the security department. This is where prisoners are brought and held for their punishment. The Warden is in charge of the brig's smooth operation.


Short for Captain.

CentCom/Central Command

An administrative agency which oversees the Nanotrasen space station you inhabit.


Short for Chief Engineer, the head of the Engineering Department.


Short for Chief Medical Officer, the head of the Medical Department.


Refers to the health state at which you fall unconscious and unable to move. While in critical, your health slowly decays until you die, unless you happen to get outside assistance.


An Emergency Response Team. These may be dispatched by Central Command for a number of purposes.


Short for Head of Personnel, head of the Service Department.


Short for Head of Security.


Short for Insulated Gloves. These are the yellow gloves most often worn by Engineers. They offer complete protection from getting electrocuted from shocked things. Vastily more effective than their budget variety.


Kill on sight. Someone has commited such a serious crime that they are deemed not even worth arresting.


Short for Permanent Brig. This is for the most serious crime and means that a prisoner will never be released. Most stations have a dedicated, seperate area of security for the permanent brig.


Short for Research Director, the head of the Science Department.


Short for Quartermaster, the head of the Cargo department.


Typically utilized to refer to a Passenger due to the color of their standard uniform, though this may be used to negatively refer to other crew members (not only passengers) who act unruly or commit various minor crimes.


An IC term representing a Server Administrator.


A slang/shorthand term of a Nuclear Operative. May sometimes also appear as "Nuke Op".


A portmanteau of "New" and "Nukie" used to refer to an inexperienced player in the role of a Nuclear Operative.


A shortening of the Singularity Engine. A Singulo can create infinite power for the station but is very dangerous.


A Singularity that has grownth too much and breached it's containment. It will rip through the station causing massive damage.


Short for Sudden Sleep Disorder or Space Sleep Disorder. This is an in-character way to refer to a player who has disconnected and is no longer responding.


A catch-all reference to anyone employed by the Syndicate. This ranges from (suspected) Syndicate Agents to Nuclear Operatives.


A portmanteau of "Fluke" and "Nukie" used to (usually derogatorily) refer to a team of Nuclear Operatives who fail their objective. May also appear as "Fluke Ops".


Nanotrasen is the company which owns the space station you inhabit.


An intentional mis-spelling of "Space", sometimes used as a portmanteau of "space" and "mess". May also appear in words such as "Spessmen".


An event which causes an area to lose air pressure, i.e. a hull breach.


A telecrystal, which is a currency used by Syndicate Agents to purchase restricted contraband such as weapons and other illegal equipment.


A joke term referencing a Singuloose. A wardenloose is when the Warden is seen outside of the brig.


Frequently used terms Out of Character, this can be in the OOC chat channel or in the Discord/Forum. These terms refer to behavior or information outside of the game and should not be used in-character (IC).

AHelp/Admin Help

A relay used to report rulebreaking behavior or other issues to administrators.


The noise made when an admin-help is received. Pray this isn't a ban.


The baseline version of the game. Any changes to Upstream will "flow" down to all other forks of the game. All official Wizard's Den servers work off of Upstream.


Low Roleplay. Servers marked LRP typically have relaxed roleplaying rules.


Medium Roleplay. Servers marked MRP usually have a decent basis of roleplaying rules and generally require players to act as their character would realistically in a given situation. Less leeway is afforded to behavior such as openly defying Security or your boss.


High Roleplay. Servers marked HRP generally have extensive rules on what is and is not constituted while playing a character. You are generally required to act as your character would, have a character backstory, and follow protocol on the station. Some HRP servers may create their own lore or settings to further facilitate the type of server they wish to host.


A term for a player who engages in antagonist-like activity without actually being an antagonist. This encompasses a wide variety of behavior, but is typically used to describe annoying behavior or actions which are greatly detrimental to other players for no purpose. Self-antagonism is a bannable offense. Sometimes used in IC. DO NOT DO THIS.