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Cargo Basics

Cargo Department on Kettle Station

The Cargo Department is responsible for keeping the station stocked with all necessary resources that can't be produced otherwise. Cargo gameplay largely follows these steps:

  • Obtain cargo requests from fellow crewmates
  • Budget finances, decide which requests are the most urgent
  • Order crates accordingly from the cargo terminal
  • Obtain crates from the Cargo shuttle by driving it back and forth from the station and trading post
  • Deliver crates to the departments/individuals who requested them

Understandably, this gameplay loop may not seem very engaging at first, but Cargo has plenty of nuances which make it a very complex department.

Finance & Possible Sources Of Funding

Before purchasing any supplies, Cargo needs funding in the form of Spesos. All orders that can be made with the Cargo Request Terminal require some amount of money. Note that Cargo's funding strategy will, and should, change based on current circumstances, i.e. you shouldn't rely on salvage for profit when there's only one salvage specialist.

Some common sources of obtaining cargo funds are as follows:

Artifact Production

In the unique case that R&D discovers an artifact that can effectively infinitely print some kind of object/resource, Cargo can exploit it and sell the products. Notable products include monkeys, instruments, chemicals, material sheets, and bananas. Cargo may also sell the artefacts themselves when R&D is done with them.

Salvaged Goods

Selling the loot gained from salvage expeditions can be quite profitable, if not a little inconsistent. Of course, this will not be a viable source of cash if there are few/no salvage specialists.

Service Goods

Requesting food/plants/drinks from one of the many service departments to sell for cash. Generally, the botanists will provide the most consistent flow of produce for sale.

Mass Production

With the help of R&D, cargo can set up lathes to automatically produce simple items to sell. These are a common target of syndicate terrorism.

Shuttle Piloting

In order for the station to receive ordered goods, the cargo shuttle has to be piloted by a cargo technician. Refer to the Cargo Technician guide for advice.


Salvage Specialists have one of the most dangerous jobs aboard the station: fighting sentient holograms for their drugs and other assorted loot, and going on expeditions to alien planets to collect cloning pods and power drills extract any natural resources or abandoned valuables they find. Visit the Salvage Specialist page to learn more.