Death Squad

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Access: All access
Difficulty: High
Duties: Terminate all station contracts, try not to get stunned
Supervisors: Central Command
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is the guide.

As a member of the Nanotrasen Deathsquad, your job is to eliminate all crew members aboard the station. You’re only called to the station during Epsilon Alert Level, if Central Command has deemed the station unsalvageable and lost control of the crew. You are, of course, packing the best weapons and armor CentComm has, but remember that a stun baton and a pair of cuffs are extremely dangerous adversaries.

Deathsquad Guide: On the shuttle, CHECK YOUR BACKPACK and take your pulse rifle. It has a MASSIVE internal battery of 400 shots and does lots of damage. If you are not briefed, ask over the :y CentCom for your objectives. With your headset you have access to most radio channels. Here is a list of common Death Squad objectives.

  • If it ain't a head, it's dead
  • Activate the nuke
  • Kill everyone but the captain
  • Kill everyone

In the unlikely event one of you goes down, all operatives have bottles of Epinephrine and Omnizine for medical purposes. Note your goal is NOT to get the station operational otherwise an ERT would be sent. You are a death squad sent to kill something.

Note that deathsquads are rare admemes and even if you manage to grab the ghost role you will likely just wait at CC if the threat is coming on the Evac Shuttle.