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Access: Wherever your job gives you access to, and wherever your fellow revs will open for you.
Difficulty: Literally Brainwashed
Duties: Do as the Head Revolutionary tells you, with the end goal of killing all of command.
Supervisors: Syndicate
Subordinates: Whoever were your subordinates before you were converted.
Guides: This is the guide.

One of the poor crewmembers that were converted by a Head Revolutionary, your only job is to do as the Head Revolutionary say, and preferably not get caught. Half of your job is to just do what you were doing before you were converted, not difficult.

Instruments of War

To take over the station you will need some weapons. Lucky for you there are a variety of makeshift ones at your disposal. With a few cables, two iron rods and any glass shard you can make a spear that can even hold a minor amount of chemicals. If your boss converted a Botanist you can ask them to grow trees. The wood can be used to make barricades or even bows and buckler shields.