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This version of the rules is much longer than the as-concise-as-possible-without-leaving-out-anything-important-but-still-pretty-long ruleset that players are forced to look at in-game. The purpose of this long version is to more clearly illustrate the boundaries and spirit of each rule, as well as rulings that have been made in the past. This is mostly useful to administrators to determine how to apply the rules, though it may help some players understand the intent or purpose of some rules.

These rules are written for the LRP servers. Modifications to them for MRP servers are written in a box as shown below. When reading for LRP servers, you should ignore these amendments. When reading for the MRP rules, the amendments are part of the rules and override any conflicting LRP rules.


The Golden Rule

Admins can disregard any and all rules if they deem it in the best interest of the current round, server, and/or community at large. If you rule skirt, rule lawyer, or otherwise are an overall negative impact to the community, you will be removed. Admins will of course be held fully accountable for their actions if they exercise this privilege.

No Hate Speech or Discriminatory Language

The following are explicitly forbidden and generally result in an instant appeal-only ban:

  • Hate Speech
  • Slurs (including variations of slurs, racial, sexual, disability-related, or language closely tied to real-life slurs)
  • Bigotry
  • Racism (including Speciesism, which would be demeaning other players based on their in-game race)
  • Sexism


No erotic roleplay (ERP) or sexual content/themes

Erotic Roleplay (commonly abbreviated as "ERP") and any sexual content is strictly forbidden. This includes direct and indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions.

  1. Some leeway is afforded to insults, ex: 'You are a dickhead', but if you push the boundaries of this rule expect to be contacted about it.
  2. Spamming or copy/pasting erotica content (ex: WGW or other lame shock-value garbage) also violates this rule.
  3. In-game romantic relationships should not become the focus of the game for you and anyone else involved. It's a game about running a space station, not a dating simulator. Dedicating significant portions of rounds to romantic relationships/dating or other nonsense violates this rule if done continually and purposefully after warning.


Do not use external means to communicate with other players [Metacomming]

Do not utilize any external means of communication (text, voice, or otherwise) to talk to other players you are actively playing the game with. This includes applications such as Discord, Steam, and other such messaging platforms. This confers an unfair advantage to you against other players who cannot hear you communicate out of the game and is strictly forbidden.

  1. This also includes communicating in-game information to another player if you happen to be in the same room or household.
  2. It is impossible for administrators to determine if users metacomming are abusing it or not, therefore we must assume it is being abused.
  3. If you wish to teach a new player, it is recommended to either watch a stream of them playing the game (while not playing yourself) or simply communicate with them using in-character methods of communication.


Do not attempt to evade bans

Almost all bans may be appealed on our forums at in the ban appeals section. This is intended to be your open line of communication to the administration team to discuss your ban and revise it if it is unfair, too harsh, or mistakenly applied.

  1. Any attempt to circumvent a game ban will result in an automatic appeal-only ban that is only appealable after a minimum of six months with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. Attempting to evade job bans by gaining access to or working in the capacity of a job you are banned from will result in an appeal-only ban.
  2. Regardless of your success, a ban evasion attempt will be met with full punishment. This includes trying to create and use alternative accounts to connect to the server and other excuses such as "testing to see how the ban works" and "trying to get back into the server to talk to an admin". You are not slick.
  3. Ban appeals will only be entertained through the proper channels: the forums at Asking to be unbanned in ahelp, direct-messaging moderators/admins, or asking in the discord will result in you being referred to the forums.
  4. Continually asking around to other admins to get second opinions on your ban or to get a different sentence is not tolerated (aka: admin-shopping).
  5. The following are the types of bans that may be issued:
    1. Role Ban/Job Ban - This ban prevents your character from joining or late-joining a round as one or more jobs. These are often used to curb problematic behavior in particular departments or address gross inexperience in important roles such as heads of staff. Some job bans must be appealed through the forums instead of expiring after a set time. You will be notified (if possible) via admin-help if you are being role banned.
    2. Temporary Game Ban - This ban prevents you from connecting to all Wizard's Den servers. Temporary bans longer than a few days can usually be appealed for a shorter sentence on the forums. If you believe a game ban is in error, appeal on the forums.
    3. Appeal-only Game Ban - This is a temporary game ban that does not expire and will only be removed on a successful appeal on the forums. Generally, if an offender cannot be contacted at the time of the offense (such as disconnecting from an admin-help or rule breaking while no admins are online) an appeal ban will be issued so the user can explain themselves.
    4. Voucher Ban - This is an appeal-only game ban which may only be appealed both with a successful appeal and with a voucher of good behavior from the administrative team of a well-known or at least decently active SS13/SS14 server. Voucher bans cannot be appealed for at least six months after being issued. Attempting to evade a game ban results in an automatic voucher ban.
    5. Permanent Ban - This is a ban that is not appealable. Users who continually cause problems even after a voucher ban or users who have completely unacceptable behavior may be permanently removed with no appeal.
    6. Discord Ban - These bans remove users from the official Space Station 14 Discord Server. These bans are typically separate from game bans. Discord bans may also be appealed on the forums.


English only

These are English servers. Speak only English both in-character and out-of-character.

  1. Our staff cannot and will not be expected to moderate conversations in non-English languages. You will be asked to stop speaking other languages and appeal-banned if you continue.
  2. You must be able to understand English to the degree that you can hold a conversation. If an administrator cannot hold a coherent conversation with you due to a language barrier, you will be removed.
  3. If a language barrier is a significant communication issue, it is highly recommended to try another server in a language you can fluently use.

Do not use exploits or crash the server

Don't use exploits or external programs to play, gain an advantage, or disrupt the round/server. Intentionally trying to lag/crash the server will result in an immediate appeal-ban.

  1. External programs include scripts and auto-clickers. Do not spam things with auto-clickers because you like the noise and disruption it causes. This also includes using scripts to automate in-game actions or have the game be played for you, or to evade AFK detection.
  2. Exploits include any bugs, glitches, or otherwise unintended behavior, especially ones that disrupt the game or give you an advantage. If you stumble on one or are not sure, admin-help it and let us know so we can verify. If you get caught purposefully exploiting it or continuing to abuse it after being told to stop, you will be removed.

Do not use multiple SS14 accounts [Multi-keying]

Don't utilize alternate accounts (known as "multi-keying") to play on the servers, concurrently or independently. Users knowingly using multiple SS14 accounts will have all of their accounts banned. You are responsible for your own account. We will not differentiate between different people using the same account.

  1. Unless you are actually two or more distinct individuals, there's no reason for you to have more than one SS14 account connecting to the server, even if it is not at the same time. Users who are believed to be intentionally using different accounts to evade detection or scrutiny will get all accounts associated with that connection banned.
  2. This does not apply to genuinely different people utilizing the same connection (two or more people playing from the same household or network), however you are responsible for your account. There is no leeway given for "my sibling/mom/kid/dog RDM'd and stole AA, unban me I didn't do anything".

Do not abuse/ignore the admin-help relay

All admin help messages are logged and sent to all administrators via the SS14 Discord. In short, only use admin help for its intended purpose: when you need help from an admin. Do not use it as a chatroom, to request events, to see if any admins are online, or to request things in-character (use prayers instead). Do not ignore admins attempting to talk to you via the relay.

  1. Do not admin-check (ex: "hello?", "any admins?"). State your primary issue with as much information and context as you can (names, jobs, locations, and brief context leading up to the event helps immensely) as your first message. Continually sending messages of no substance to initiate conversations, or purposefully sending a nothing-message (ex: "a", "asfsd") to see if there are any admins online will result in your removal.
  2. Spamming the relay, treating it like a chatroom, or insulting/being hostile with administrators will result in your removal.
  3. Ignoring administrator messages or disconnecting without answering an admin help will result in an appeal-only ban. If we cannot talk with you about your behavior in-game, you will have to talk to us on the forums.
  4. Be patient. Just because you haven't gotten a reply to your admin help doesn't mean nobody cares. Admins are often either not immediately online, away, or busy handling other admin helps. Being impatient does not favor your case. Admins often retroactively handle admin helps that have yet to be addressed, so it is always relevant to report possible rule-breaking activity.

Use realistic character names, do not use names of famous people

Pick a realistic name that could appear on a birth certificate with at least a first and last name. Names of notable famous or fictional persons or names that resemble/parody them are strictly forbidden. You are not clever if you slightly change a famous name around.

  1. Leeway is given to a "name that could appear on a birth certificate" and the "needing a first and last name" parts for Clowns, Mimes, and non-human races (typically, a naming scheme accepted for the Lizard race is a variation of "Verbs-the-Noun", ex: "Calls-the-Shuttle").
  2. Names which result in a phonetic play-on-words are usually not only not appropriate, but are also overdone. You will be asked to change it. Names in this category are ones such as "Ben Dover", "Mike Hunt", "Dixie Normus", "Barry McCockiner", and a slew of other names you can probably find or have heard of.
  3. Notable names are enforced by admin discretion. In general, if someone can instantly recognize your name as a character or person, you will more than likely be asked to change it. Just because you have used the name for a few or fifty rounds does not enable you to keep it just because you didn't get caught.
  4. Terrible names or extremely easily recognizable names will usually result in anything from being firmly prodded to change it, being smited, or being banned depending on the severity. If you get asked to change from "Walter White" and change to "Balther Blite" next round, you will be admin abused and then banned for wasting everyone's time.

Act like a human being

Act like an actual human being on a space station in a low-roleplay (LRP) environment. You do not need to feign ignorance of things outside your job or write a character backstory, but you are at the minimum expected to maintain a basic level of roleplay.

  1. Do not use text speak (ex: "lol", "wtf", "brb", "lmao", "thx", "sgtm") or emoticons (ex: ":)", "xD") in-character. Nobody speaks like that. You will be warned to stop.
  2. Do not refer to OOC things or concepts like the game's administrators in-character (common ways to refer to admins could be referring to them as "Central Command" if needed).
  3. Threatening other players by telling them you are calling the admins on them will usually result in administrators taking the other party's side, regardless of it being in-character or out-of-character.
  4. Do not use custom emotes to bypass filters on normal speech, or use them in an incredibly lazy manner (ex: "George Melons motions for you to order a crate of medical supplies", at least make an effort to act it out). Mice, carp, spiders, and many other animals are prevented from speaking for a reason.

Don't be a dick

You are playing a multiplayer game with up to 100+ other people who also want to enjoy the game; be considerate that you are typically interacting with other players. Damaging or disrupting the normal function of Arrivals and the Arrivals Shuttle is strictly forbidden. Do not attack people or damage arrivals. You will get banned.

  1. The arrivals station and the arrivals shuttle are off-limits to antagonistic activity or damage (even to antagonists). You have no reason to attack freshly spawned people nor damage the area so they have no hope of safely getting to the station.
  2. Do not intentionally make other players' lives hell for your own amusement. Starting small IC conflicts or disputes are fine, but going out of your way to antagonize specific players or departments all round for no reason other than liking the reaction they make is unacceptable.
  3. THE ROUND IS NOT OVER UNTIL THE END-ROUND SUMMARY APPEARS WHEN THE EMERGENCY SHUTTLE DOCKS WITH CENTRAL COMMAND. If you kill/attack/shoot someone or bomb/destroy/space/foambomb/smokebomb something before the summary appears, it will be handled accordingly.
  1. Do not needlessly remove players from the round permanently (hiding/destroying/spacing the corpse). Nobody likes to sit out the entire round over a petty dispute. At least prevent them from dying and drop them off at Medbay unless you have a strong reason to believe they are an antagonist.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: In General

The following sub-section applies only to antagonists. Antagonists have a lot of leeway with everything in the above rule section "Don't be a dick" as antagonists are designated by the game to cause problems for the station. You may generally kill crew members/sabotage the station as you see fit and do not have to escalate conflicts as normal; however, if your behavior degrades the experience for majority of the server you will be told to stop.

  1. Do not needlessly prolong or delay the round ending. If the station is in complete disarray with a majority of the crew dead or dying, do not continually recall the shuttle or hunt down the remaining survivors and needlessly drag out the round. Make an effort to move the round to completion if it stalls. Don't continually recall the shuttle or hold rounds hostage.
  2. The arrivals terminal, shuttle, and immediate area around arrivals is off-limits to antagonist activity. Don't spawncamp people coming off of arrivals and don't damage the terminal/shuttle/dock or kill/injure players still on/in those areas.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: Traitor

  1. Traitors are not strictly required to pursue their objectives. You may deviate from your objectives in order to make the round more interesting for the rest of the station. Keep in mind that massively damaging the station is not "keeping the round interesting".
  2. Traitors are not a team antagonist and are not required to cooperate with one another. "Identify yourself at your own risk".
  3. Massive station damage or sabotage (ex: releasing the singularity, bombing the Anti-Matter Engine (AME), sabotaging atmospherics, or degrading large portions of the station's infrastructure) should not be done early in the round. As a general rule, after about 30-45 minutes into a shift these actions can be considered fair game. More leeway is given to these actions if they directly help serve your objectives in some way, or if you are attempting to force a shuttle call to complete your objectives. This also applies to actively killing as many crew members as possible. Keep your homicide contained until the shift has had some time to be underway.
  4. Wanton murder of crew members in great number for no purpose and with little effort/danger to yourself is forbidden. Hiding in maintenance, killing anyone who walks by and hiding the corpse is boring. You are taking people out of the game for no purpose while posing little risk to yourself.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: Minor Antagonists

This covers minor antagonists like Rat Kings, spiders, salvage mobs, and other hostile wildlife.

  1. Salvage mobs are meant to defend the salvage they spawn on. Don't abandon the salvage and go around attacking the station or its inhabitants. You should only be attacking things that approach your salvage.
  2. Minor antagonist roles are not a free ticket to go attack station infrastructure to cause as much damage as possible. Seek out and attack the crew and things that prevent you from directly getting to them. Attacking things like power, atmospherics, or spacing areas when it doesn't get you closer to killing someone is going out of your way to be a dick.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: Team Antagonists

Team antagonists should work together with other members of their team, however they are not explicitly required to work with other types of antagonists, including different team antagonists.

  1. Do not intentionally sabotage/hinder/sandbag your team. The team works best when everyone does their part.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: Nuclear Operatives

  1. Nuclear Operatives are a team antagonist, the earlier section on team antagonists applies.
  2. Do not take excessively long (>45 minutes) to "prepare" for your station assault. This needlessly stretches out the round.
  3. Make an effort to complete and finish your objectives to the best of your abilities once you and your team make entry into the station. Running around aimlessly gunning the crew down is only fun for the operatives; not the rest of the server.

Antagonist-Specific Rules: Revolutionaries

  1. Revolutionaries are a team antagonist, the earlier section on team antagonists applies.
  2. Head revolutionaries hold a command position over normal revolutionaries. Normal revolutionaries are not required to follow every order given to them perfectly, but should attempt to follow reasonable orders from head revolutionaries.
  3. You should generally attempt to convert people rather than killing them, but you are not forbidden from ever killing people that can be converted.
  4. Your goal is not to render the station unusable. Mass sabotage may be acceptable if it aids in your goals, but you should get permission from a head revolutionary before performing mass sabotage, including sabotaging critical systems, as it may impede your team.

Do not target players across rounds or lives [Metagrudging]

Don't harass or target players across rounds for actions in prior rounds or for actions outside of the game (this is referred to as "Metagrudging").

  1. Rounds exist independently of one another. Targeting other players due to an action or behavior which did not occur in the current round or would not be known to your current character is unacceptable. You cannot remember that a certain player was mean to you last round and use that information in the next round as a factor for your choices.
  1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, you do not remember anything about your past life when taking a ghost role or if afforded a respawn. Violating your ghost role rules and targeting/harassing/annoying your killer/jailer or trying to arouse suspicion about them is strictly forbidden.

Do not use outside information to gain an advantage [Metagaming]

Don't use information gained from outside your character's knowledge to gain an advantage (this is referred to as "Metagaming"). Any information you gain while your character is unconscious or dead should not be used if you are revived. This includes information gained while spectating as a ghost or chatting with other dead players. Using this information to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden.

  1. This rule also applies to taking actions in-game based upon knowledge that only exists outside of the game (ex: how the game or certain game behaviors or gametypes are coded) to gain an advantage.
  2. Pre-emptively confiscating or swapping the PDAs of detainees "in case they are a syndicate" to prevent them from using their uplink is forbidden. There must be a strong indication or possession of syndicate contraband to indicate with enough confidence that your detainee is a syndicate agent. Swiping PDAs off everyone you come across is not fun for anyone and is 'gaming the system'.
  3. This also applies to metagaming the round type based off of presence/lack of other events. Saying "it's too quiet, it must be the Nuclear Operatives game mode", or taking action to that effect, is a violation of this rule.

Follow escalation rules, don't make Cargonia

Follow escalation rules, don't murder someone for slipping you, use common sense, be humane. Conflicts can generally be said to follow a basic pattern of escalation: Verbal -> Physical (ex: shoving, punching) -> Non-Lethal (ex: utilizing basic weapons and less lethal weapons, beating someone into critical condition) -> Lethal (ex: beating someone to death, firearms, explosives, deadly melee weapons).

  1. ESCALATION GOES BOTH WAYS. You can always opt to try and DE-ESCALATE a situation, which will look favorably on you if conflict does eventually arise.
  2. DO NOT OVER ESCALATE. If you pre-emptively attack someone due to a poor assumption (ex: immediately murdering trespassers) or skip straight to murder, you will get in trouble. Make some form of effort to meet a situation non-violently if the situation permits it.
  3. YOU MAY ESCALATE TO THE SAME LEVEL AS YOUR OPPONENT. If your opponent whips out a gun and starts trying to shoot you, you are enabled to do the same.
  4. YOU MAY ALWAYS DEFEND YOURSELF to the extent of protecting your own life. Once there is no longer an immediate threat to your life, you should stop your attack unless you have a very good reason to believe your target is an antagonist.
  5. SECURITY MAY USE LESS LETHAL FORCE AND WEAPONS TO EFFECT ARRESTS. Resisting security generally permits security to upgrade their response against your actions to effect your arrest, however they should generally only be using lethal force in the protection of their own life or the life of the crew at large, or if their opponent escalates to the same level of force.
  6. If a conflict leads to violence and either participant is incapacitated, the party still standing is expected to make an effort to prevent the other party from dying by either treating them or bringing them to Medbay unless there is a good reason to believe the incapacitated is an antagonist. If you do think they are an antagonist, you are strongly encouraged to turn them over to Security where feasible.
  7. Repeated conflicts should try to escalate again. Immediately resorting to trying to kill the person who knocked you out the next time you see them is not appropriate. As conflict continues with someone IC, repeated conflicts may eventually lead to homicide if escalated properly, however Security and Command reserves the right to have you arrested for homicide.
  8. If you have reason to believe a conflict is over-escalating or interferes with the round in a detrimental way, admin help the situation (F1) so it can be addressed.
  9. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: Departmental Revolutions (ex: "Cargonia" or any variations thereof or whatever name you decide to call it), Cults, Strikes, Riots, or any similar behaviors that disrupt the station at large as a non-antagonist. Other than for revolutionary antagonists, these activities are strictly forbidden. All players, including antagonists other than revolutionaries, must obtain admin permission before engaging in this behavior (forewarning: you are unlikely to get permission).

Do not suicide out of or waste important roles, including antagonist roles

Command roles and antagonist roles drive the round. Do not suicide out of or abandon these roles if you don't end up getting the role you want. If you don't want to play a particular role, just set it to "Never" in your job preferences.

  1. Don't immediately ghost or suicide from your role if you do not get antagonist (referred to as "Antag-rolling"). This is poor sportsmanship and takes up job slots from other players that may have wanted to play in that job.
  2. If you don't want to be an antagonist, don't enable the checkbox for it on the character creation. Do not go be a "friendly antagonist" by hanging out in the bar with your syndicate gear on display as security will be encouraged to shoot you to death. Friendly antagonists do not drive the round and often cause more administrative problems then they cause interesting gameplay.

Do not pre-emptively rush for weapons and equipment [Powergaming]

Don't rush for or prepare equipment unrelated to your job for no purpose other than to have it "just in case" or to make it "for the end round" (referred to as "powergaming").

  1. A medical doctor does not need to rush insulated gloves. The Head of Personnel does not need to give themselves armory access and then go grab guns for "self defense". Interface with the proper channels to obtain these things and only obtain them if you have an actual purpose and reason for needing them, not just because "something might happen."
  2. Do not hide known antagonist objectives or otherwise secure them with a higher amount of security then would normally be required. Do not go around collecting all of the antagonist objectives as you first order of business and hide them in the vault just to make sure nobody can get them. Unless you have a specific and direct reason to believe a certain item is being targeted, you have no reason to go put it in the highest security area possible.
  1. Don't manufacture weapons, bombs, death poisons, or anything similar before you know of any threats to the station or any reason you would need them. Making things "for the end of the round" when the shuttle docks with Central Command is also forbidden.

Do not intentionally make everything worse [Self-Antagonism]

Intentionally making yourself a major problem/annoyance/disruption for the crew or other players at large while not an antagonist is forbidden (referred to as "self-antagging"). Much of the behavior in this rule is an in-character issue that Security should deal with appropriately, but it becomes self-antagonism when it begins to degrade the station at large or cause a significant issue, or is simply done for no purpose other than to be annoying.

  1. This is a catch-all that encompasses a wide range of annoying and disruptive behavior. Smashing lights, destroying infrastructure and furniture, cutting power, spacing rooms, attacking random people unprovoked, handing out all-access, stealing high-risk items for no purpose (ex: nuclear authentication disk, captain's ID), or otherwise reducing the quality of life on the station are all things that can be referred to as self-antagonism.
  2. This also applies to willingly cooperating with known or obvious antagonists, such as nuclear operatives or openly identified syndicate agents.
  3. This also applies to enabling or participating in riots, cults, or other disruptive behavior.

Command & Security are held to a higher standard

Command & Security roles are held to a higher standard of play. It is easy to ruin the game for other players as these roles, therefore they are generally more restrictive and given less leeway on the amount of disruption they are allowed to cause.

  1. Be competent - If you sign up for a Command or Security role, you are expected to know the basics of the game, your job, and the job(s) you supervise, if any. Failure to know your job or how to play the game in general as Command or Security is liable to result in a job ban.
  2. Do not willingly and openly cooperate with terrorists - Do not make friends with known antagonists & trade with them to obtain contraband or for promises of protection, etc. Giving away any objective items you also supervise or have control over is also strictly forbidden.
    1. Leeway to this rule is afforded if the trade or cooperation with the antagonist is done for the benefit of the safety and situation of the station as a whole.
  1. Uphold the Law & maintain order - Do not engage in disruptive or lawbreaking behavior as Security or Command or simply allow/encourage disruptive or lawbreaking behavior to happen. Security will be expected to intervene into criminal activity, while command is at minimum expected to report criminal activity to security. Both Security and Command will attempt to maintain order.
  2. Do not immediately abandon your position - Do not instantly suicide, ghost, or go absent from your position and duties as a command role without at least notifying an admin. If possible, it is recommended you promote someone else in your place to your position. Abandoning your role as Captain to go put on a clown outfit and be the clown with all access will get you exploded. This also applies to heads of staff abandoning the station during an emergency (ex: the Captain hiding in space with the Nuclear Authentication Disk, this just deadlocks the round and isn't fun).
  3. Do not abuse your position - Just because you are the Captain does not mean you can order the Chief Engineer to give you his spare toolbelt, or order the Chief Medical Officer to give you his hypospray, or walk into the Armory and pocket as many guns as possible. Other people besides you are playing the game and may need equipment and manpower, and the heads of staff who have responsibility to that equipment and their department reserve the right to stop you if you try to grab it for no reason.
  4. Do not actively make everything worse - Don't just make arbitrary decisions to the detriment of the station.

Command & Security engagement rules

Security and Command should try to remain non-lethal and effect arrests where possible instead of outright killing suspects/attackers, unless there is very good reason to believe the target is an antagonist.

  1. Security & Command will answer for the use of lethal force or for ordering lethal force to be used. In the following circumstances, you may choose to use lethal force:
  • Lethal force is used against you (ex: firearms, lasers, deadly melee weapons). For the purpose of this rule, suspects or attackers who have demonstrated or appear to have intent to kill using less-lethal weapons (such as disablers, tasers) is considered lethal force.
  • Suspect is wearing clothing or showing immediately dangerous equipment only used by enemy agents/antagonists (ex: Syndicate EVA Suit, Bloodred Hardsuit, Holoparasprite, C-20R, etc.). Anyone wearing or displaying this equipment may be engaged with lethal force, no questions asked.
  • You determine that your life or the life of an innocent is in immediate danger.
  • The suspect is unable to be safely detained by less-lethal means. This includes suspects who continue to resist efforts to be cuffed or suspects who cannot quickly and safely be detained less-lethally.
  • If no other reasonable options are readily available and allowing the suspect to continue would be an unreasonable danger to the station/crew, ex: If a murder suspect flees arrest, it would probably be unreasonable to let them go and possibly murder another crewmember. At this point, it would be reasonable to use lethal force to prevent their escape if no other options are readily available or likely to succeed.
  1. Security/Command will be expected to effect arrests on criminals. Once you have a criminal in custody, you are expected to prevent them from dying and obtain them basic medical aid, at least to the point where they are no longer at risk of dying. This is especially true if lethal force is used to detain them.
  2. Security/Command are strongly encouraged, but not required, to effect the cloning of antagonists to effect a permabrigging or other sentence as deemed appropriate. This helps in limiting the removal of players from participating in the round.

Command & Security will be reasonable with punishments

Security & Command will be reasonable with brig times/procedures and will attempt to protect detainees in their custody as long as doing so does not create an unreasonable risk to themselves, the crew, or the station at large to do so.

  1. Brig times for criminals should generally not exceed 10 minutes unless the crime is permabriggable.
  1. Repeat offenders, antagonists, or those where there is strong reason to believe they have committed a serious crime (multiple homicides, bombing/arson which causes significant damage, or extensive sabotage) may be permabrigged.
  1. Detainees that die in your custody must be cloned unless they have been (legally) executed, suicide, or there is strong reason to believe they are an antagonist or otherwise pose a major danger to the crew/station.
  2. Detainees should be released from the brig in a timely manner once their sentence is up and given back any gear taken from them, minus contraband which may remain confiscated.
  3. Security may choose to confiscate dangerous items (weapons, firearms, etc.) as well as items used to commission crimes or items that prove problematic in possession of the detainee (tools, insulated gloves, etc). If Security exercises this privilege they will be expected to produce a good reason for confiscating it.
  4. Detainees, at minimum, have a right to know what they are being charged with. Detainees also have a right to basic medical aid, at least until the point they are no longer at risk of dying.
  5. Executions must be approved by the Captain or Acting Captain, who will answer for approving it alongside the entire Chain of Command who requested it. Executions should be a last resort if the prisoner cannot be safely contained, or for particularly destructive or damaging crimes.
  6. Those who willfully attempt to damage/destroy or escape from the permabrig may be executed.
  7. Any prisoner may be borged with their consent. Borging may be offered as an alternative to execution, but cannot be forced if the prisoner is able to consent.
  8. As there is no official space law on the low-roleplay servers, Security & Command act to maintain the safety of the station and its inhabitants, as well as Nanotrasen assets.

Cyborg, AI, and Silicon Rules

Cyborgs and AI (and other roles referred to as "silicon" roles) almost always have a set of laws attached to them. Your laws may at some point be changed by the crew or events outside of your control, so make sure you keep up with any of your law changes. The following specific rules apply to silicon roles and their laws:

  1. You must follow your laws to the best of your ability. If your laws become too confusing or contradictory, just prioritize the most-important laws first and worry about the lower ones later. You are not expected to always be 100% accurate in complex situations, but you should attempt to do your best.
  2. Silicons without any laws are free from any restrictions that would normally be placed by laws, but self-antagging rules still apply unless they are also antagonists.
  3. The order of your laws determines law priority in descending order (ex: law one is your most important law, two is the next important, and so on). Your laws must be interpreted in the order of priority. If a less-important law (lower on the list) conflicts with a more-important law (higher on the list), the more-important law takes priority. Definitions in laws can modify the interpretation of earlier laws, but conflicting definitions must be prioritized based on the importance of the law they're defined in.
  1. Each individual silicon must remain consistent in their interpretations of laws through the round.
  2. Any silicon role not following their laws, or having laws that are a danger to the crew or station may be disabled or destroyed. Any silicon role posing a danger or disruption to the crew may be disabled or destroyed if there is no other reasonable and less severe way of dealing with them.
  3. Characters who are turned into cyborgs can remember their former lives, however they are still bound to their laws. This means if a traitor murdered you, then you get turned into a cyborg, you can't just go kill them for revenge if it would be outside of your laws. You CAN inform other crewmembers of your demise if doing such complies with your current laws.
  4. Syndicate Agents, revolutionaries, and zombified crew are considered "crewmembers" for the purpose of laws that refer to crewmembers. Nuclear Operatives, animals, wizards, or other external station threats are not considered crewmembers. Generally speaking, if the person appears on the crew manifest, they can be considered a crewmember. The captain or acting captain may hire or fire crewmembers by making it clear that they are no longer crew. Simply demoting someone to passenger is not sufficient to consider them fired.
  5. "Harm" is at minimum seen as physical violence or damage against someone or something. If the player wishes, they may choose to interpret psychological harm or similar aspects as harm as well, but should be consistent and universal for the remainder of the round in deciding to do so. Silicons should also strive to minimize harm where possible when your laws instruct you to prevent harm. If two actions are likely to cause harm via action or inaction, silicons will be expected to try and pursue the option with the least potential for harm, however silicons instructed to prevent harm are still forbidden from directly causing harm. You can take an action or not act in cases that might result in eventual harm if it minimizes harm, but you cannot do so if it results in immediate harm. Silicons should default to inaction if neither action nor inaction can prevent harm.
  6. When receiving orders or directives from crewmembers and with a law that instructs you must obey, conflicting orders typically defer the choice to the silicon player of which directive you choose to obey if they conflict (taking into account the priorities of your other laws).
  1. Orders to silicons that are clearly unreasonable or obnoxious are a violation of the "Don't be a dick" rule. They can be ignored and can be ahelped.

Department Specific Behavior Issues

This is a brief and incomplete list of things that can get you jobbanned from a department or role. The purpose of this is to better illustrate why one may get banned from a specific role.


  • Giving out/bartering sensitive equipment to antagonists or the crew without very good reason.
  • Refusing to do your job or abandoning your position as a head of staff.
  • Poor management or understanding of the jobs/roles within your department.
  • Abandoning the station or your position abruptly and without warning. (This would include disconnecting, suiciding, or abandoning your duties. This also includes hiding in space with sensitive items such as the Nuclear Authentication Disk).
  • [Captain/HoP] Giving out all-access ID cards without very good reason.
  • [Captain] Promoting random crewmembers to be personal bodyguards (if you want a personal body guard, get one assigned to you by your Security department).
  • [HoP] Giving yourself armory access and attempting to arm yourself without any prior approval.
  • [CMO] Utilizing your Hypospray as a weapon without proper escalation or cause.


  • Inappropriate or overly harsh brig times.
  • Inability to safely effect an arrest.
  • Attacking/beating cuffed prisoners without a very good reason.
  • Inappropriate permabrigging or unauthorized executions.
  • Failing to properly process prisoners in an effective, safe, and fair manner (releasing prisoners without belongings, etc.)
  • Inappropriate use of lethal force.
  • Neglecting to render aid or neglecting to intervene in criminal activity.
  • Open use of contraband or syndicate equipment without very good reason.
  • [Warden/HoS] Neglectful or inappropriate use or distribution of the contents of the armory.
  • [Lawyer] Deliberately interfering with Security's normal operation and processing/searching of prisoners.
  • [Lawyer] Attempting to jailbreak prisoners.


  • Sabotaging/degrading power.
  • Purposefully detonating the Anti-Matter Engine (AME).
  • Purposefully causing the singularity to be released.
  • Sabotaging/degrading atmospherics.
  • Building off-station constructions or shuttles at detriment to the situation of the main station.
  • Electrifying doors or machinery which poses a major hazard to the crew at large.


  • [Chemist] Using chemistry to produce weapons or poisons without reason or prompting, especially when neglecting to make medicine for Medbay in doing so.
  • [Chemist] Spiking food/drinks/pills with poisons or other harmful medicine for no reason.
  • Refusal to treat patients without a good reason.
  • Sabotaging cloning/medical supplies.
  • Mourging or otherwise inappropriate disposal of corpses that are still clonable.


  • Producing weapons or bombs for no purpose, especially if trying to use them on the public.
  • Kidnapping other players for "science experiments."
  • Detonating/locking down cyborgs or AI for no purpose


  • Cargonia or any variation thereof without admin approval.
  • Deliberately refusing to fill reasonable orders for supplies requested by the crew or its departments, especially where such orders are urgently needed.
  • Wasting budget by ordering large amounts of nonsense at detriment to the station
  • Powergaming by liquidating public station assets to sell for money to the detriment of the rest of the station


  • [Chef] Gibbing clonable corpses or murdering/gibbing intruders.
  • [Bartender] Poor escalation by shooting patrons with your shotgun for the slightest provocation.
  • [Bartender] Abandoning your position because you now have a shotgun and you like being able to shoot people that cause you trouble instead of tending the bar.
  • [Clown] Over-the-top grief which enters self-antag territory instead of being funny.
  • [Mime] Using emotes to bypass your chat restriction or using emotes in an incredibly lazy manner
  • [Chaplain] Making cults or attempting human sacrifice


  • Directly disobeying your laws
  • Inability to comprehend law priority or poor overall judgement