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Access: Maintenance
Difficulty: Relaxing, until the bar gets decompressed
Duties: Take in the sights and sounds. Wander aimlessly. Decide you like the station so much that you want a real job.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is the guide.

Known by several names such as "the tide", "greyshirts", and "the greys" among a few variations, passengers have no explicit purpose or responsibility on the station. As such, they are a job with no pressing responsibilities to attend to and generally may roam the areas they have access to without too much worry. Some experienced players enjoy this role as to be free from general responsibility allowing them to pursue small projects or interact with the crew.

The complete lack of responsibility can be dull, which tends to make those who have no restraint start causing problems. The absence of meaningful equipment and access makes pilfering public and private areas of the station somewhat enticing, which generally results in arrests. Passengers are sometimes not easily trusted due to this stigma, but most crew members will be receptive if you act like a normal human being and not like a sociopath released in a murderhobo zoo.

Too Much Time On My Hands

Without any responsibility, passengers are a viable role to learn the game from as nobody depends on you for station functions. This also allows passengers time to pursue personal projects without neglecting duties from another job, although finding materials, permission, and access may be an issue.

Passengers are uniquely one of the few roles that have a lot of openings, so the role is almost always available. The Head of Personnel and the other Heads of Staff may also be looking for eager and somewhat trustworthy hands to work vacant positions in the station, so stopping by to ask if there are any jobs that need doing can also suffice to occupy your time if you find passenger life lackluster.